[Calligraphy] Day 0120 – The Tempest

Did a little Italic piece of the last speech by Prospero in The Tempest. I’ve never layered text like this before. If only I hadn’t screwed up the attribution! Ah well. It was much more entertaining to practice this way than to spend another day doing alphabet chains.

Done with a Brause 3/4 mm nib, white gouache, and walnut ink on Canson Mi-Teintes paper.

The Tempest - Prospero's Last Speech (Italic)
The Tempest – Prospero’s Last Speech (Italic)

[Calligraphy] Day 0111 – Italic Practice

More Italic practice. Same deal as yesterday in terms of supplies, although I switched to Frankfurt paper.

I used the British spelling in the last line (so the word contains an s, my eternal nemesis)…and then forgot to do it that way for one of them anyway, because ‘practice’ is so ingrained in my brain. Or maybe I just really didn’t want to write that s.

Italic Practice
Italic Practice

[Calligraphy] Day 0110 – Italic Practice

I have finally done some calligraphy practice after an all-too-long hiatus. Although I’ve definitely done some calligraphy since I started this blog, I’ve never posted any of it, largely because it was bad and I was embarrassed. That changes today. There’s no reason not to apply the same philosophy that I have for posting sketches: bad marks are better than no marks.

All of this was done with a Brause 1.5 mm nib, walnut ink, and (I think) Arches Text Wove paper.

Here are some rusty Italics:

Italic practice
Italic Practice








And the last line by itself:

Italic Practice - Detail
Italic Practice – Detail